Exchange Stories

Xiangying Guo

exchange student from CESILE program

“I was very impressive by the music class in the United States. Our music classroom is a log cabin. There is an electric guitar available for students, a keyboard, a drum, a piano, a few microphones and several small percussion instruments. At music lesson, the students each holding a musical instrument, consisting of a small band, began playing different tunes. Some of them can play several kinds of musical instruments, I really admire that!”

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Meihan Zeng

exchange student from CESILE program

“In the Bishop George Ahr School classroom, I found it to be student-centered, emphasized learning through practicing; teachers did not teach too much, most of the time, they let students practice. The students' homework was not simple repetition of class. It was very interesting, very creative, close to real life.”

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Host Family Testimonial

Bishop George Ahr High School

“Being a host family was an enriching experience. Yuri, our exchange student from China, at the beginning of her twoweek stay, was very shy and quiet. But little by little, she became much more comfortable and was able to communicate in English more easily. By the end, she was almost a little “chatterbox” at times.”

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