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AIED's Dual Diploma program grows in China

This year, AIED Council continues to work with Yaohua High School to grow the dual diploma program in China. Designed for students wishing to matriculate into Western university systems, the curriculum in this program will create academic and professional leaders who will thrive in this ever increasing globalized world. AIED Council now has five partner schools with more then 200 student enrollment...

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AIED Council’s second educational tour season has come to a close. All of our students and participants had successful journeys here in the US, and all have safely returned back to China. Along with this success, our East Coast programming has garnered attention from one New York TV station, SinoVision...

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Sharing our Vision

As AIED Council’s #ChinaEd infographic illustrates, international education in China is booming. Not only are Chinese students crossing the world to soak up education in other countries, students from around the globe are flocking to China, as it is quickly becoming a global player in every business sector...

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Education of Civilizations

In 1992, Samuel Huntington wrote about the impending “Clash of Civilizations.” He posited that we were all doomed to an eventual struggle for world supremacy. Dr. Steve Robinson, President of Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), a consortium of over 370 independent elementary and secondary schools, countered this clashing notion...

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Head East, then West: An Interview with the FarWestChina Website

Today, China is a global education hot spot. Many Westerners are moving to China with hopes of finding a career in this rising economic power. Getting a foot in this door often time comes in the form of teaching English...

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#ChinaEd Global Education Hot Spot Infographic Sources

AIED Council created the #ChinaEd infographic to easier illustrate facts on international student intake and outtake from China, in a fun and interesting way. Feel free to share, blog, or post this infographic.

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Helping China's 99%

AIED Council representatives recently attended a “conversation about China’s 99%” by a panel of China experts jointly hosted by Dissent magazine and the India China Institute at The New School. The event’s focus was on China’s so-called 99%, or the lower classes in Chinese society. A large proportion of the conversation focused on inequities between these different segments of the population.

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AIED Council Participates at Harvard's Chinese Education Conference

AIED Council’s VP and Program Director Chuck Yang attended Harvard University’s “China’s Education Reform in the Globalized World” conference, hosted by the China Education Symposium, on May 17-18. Along with other organizations and experts, AIED Council representatives were invited to the conference to “share their insights on China’s education reform in the new age of globalization.”

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International, But Not Global?

AIED Council hosted the International Education Development Forum on April 9-11 in Beijing. We had many fine speakers throughout the event, which had the theme of "Opening the Door and Creating a Culturally Powerful Country." We will be rolling out articles on the event over the next few weeks for our continuing forum and conference coverage. 

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AIED’s Own “World Culture Kid”

Through our social media outreach, we stumble upon many great blogs, organizations, and people who share commonalities with AIED Council’s own goals and mission. The Mama Similes blog was the most recent connection that agreed to collaborate with us for a post.

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AIED Council on Voice of America

VOA Student Union has published one of AIED Council’s own exchange student’s accounts. This was Meihan Zeng, from China, on her exchange at Bishop George Ahr in Menlo Park, NJ. Please go check out Meihan’s story and the rest of the wonderful VOA Student Union blog.

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AIED Council’s International Education Development Forum

AIED Council has been working hard to ensure that our goals, missions, and values are being met with everything that we do. This dedication from our China and US teams culminated on April 11 as AIED hosted the International Education Development Forum in Beijing.

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Lessons from the Experts: How Exchange Students Can Help Teach Their Native Tongue

The advantage of having a foreign student in your school or classroom is exponential. Not only will your students and staff gain critical cultural understanding, but there is also an academic benefit from these exchanges.

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