AIED Council’s International Education Development Forum

Beijing, China

AIED Council is a relatively new non-profit organization. The entire staff has been working hard to ensure that our goals, missions, and values are being met with everything that we do. This dedication from our China and US teams culminated on April 11 as AIED hosted the International Education Development Forum in Beijing.  

The combined efforts of offices a world apart brought together leading educators from around the globe, with the goal of creating a better understanding of international education, with a focus on Chinese and American cultural and educational systems. The theme of the forum was "Opening the Door and Creating a Culturally Powerful Country."

The forum kicked off with an opening keynote address by renowned educational expert Tao Xiping. Tao is a member of the Chinese National Education Consult Committee and is the Chinese National Educational Inspector. His presentation was an overarching landscape of international education today, titled “Facing the Challenge of World Education.”

Another keynote address from an important figure in Chinese education came from Zhang Minxuan, the President of the Shanghai Normal University. His presentation entailed the opportunities and challenges for basic education internationalization in China.

Zhang is also the Director of the Chinese Ministry of Education International Education Research and Consult Center, as well as the Director of the Program for International Students-Shanghai.

From the United States, we hosted top leaders from two of the largest American independent school associations, Dr. Steve Robinson, President of the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), and Paul Miller, Senior Director of Global Initiatives at National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). We also hosted an up-and-coming Chinese and international education scholar, Lucinda Morgan, of University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


Dr. Robinson, in his presentation “The Essentials of Sino-American Educational Exchanges and Collaboration,” said, “All great civilizations have understood that the education of its youth is the surest path to sustaining and furthering its greatness.”

He went on to compare the importance of education for both the Chinese and Americans. His contention was that both nations must continue to cooperate and educationally exchange to ensure a better future.

Following this theme, Miller’s speech focused on international schools, and how they can better globalize. He introduced the forum guests to the term “glocal,” which is a combination of global and local.

“Schools are motivating students to participate in initiatives locally and then reach out regionally, nationally and internationally,” said Miller.

During Morgan’s presentation, titled “International Education Experiences for Chinese High School and University Students,” the scholar spoke on her research on Chinese students at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.

Morgan concluded that as Chinese students increasingly come to American universities from diverse educational environments, it will become ever more pertinent to understand their preparations and backgrounds so to ensure them a better university experience.    

AIED Council’s own Chuck Yang, VP and Program Director, presented as well. His session was titled “Spotlight on China- an Analysis of Open Doors Report on International Learning and Study Abroad,” in which he examined the International Institute of Education’s (IIE) numbers on worldwide international student flows.

Aside from our invited speakers, we had over 100 participants who attended the forum. We were also lucky enough to have had the event covered by various Chinese media outlets, including Chinese People’s Political Consultative Newspaper and China Education Online.

Participants of the forum also had the opportunity to tour some of AIED Council’s partner schools the following days, on April 10-11.

Rebecca Wood, of Fairmont International Education, was scheduled to speak, but had to cancel due to an unforeseen reasons. 

The forum was a great accomplishment for our young organization. As we continue to grow and make new connections, we foresee that next year’s forum will be even better. See you there.

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