AIED Council’s second educational tour season has come to a close. All of our students and participants had successful journeys here in the US, and all have safely returned back to China. Along with this success, our East Coast programming has garnered attention from one New York TV station, SinoVision.

SinoVision English Channel is a newly formed English language-based offshoot of the SinoVision Chinese language-based station. The channel focuses on “promoting exposure and understanding of Chinese culture” throughout the United States.

The channel boasts over a million viewers across parts of the Northeast United States. It also broadcasts its programming in Shanghai as well.


The coverage of AIED Council is a part of their SinoVision Journal show, which covers Chinese cultural and relevant events or happenings, from the Jeremy Lin documentary to book releases at the Asia Society. Being mentioned alongside other important and likeminded organizations helps to cement our role in the China-focused community. 

The show’s host, Livia Areas, who originally hails from Brazil, came out to Fordham University, where our students where participating in an English camp, to conduct the interviews. Her own international background allowed her to be especially attuned with AIED’s mission and programs.

"What a wonderful experience to meet and chat with such smart young girls! Having come to America at 16 myself, I could relate deeply with some of the issues and topics they spoke about,” said Areas on meeting the AIED students. “Although they come from a much different background, I believe we were able to take the interview to the next level by having that sort of similarity and connection.”


Our program participants interviewed by SinoVision.

As we continue to grow, the staff at AIED Council hopes that we can maintain programming that is relevant and important enough for media coverage. Our past coverage from SinoVision or Voice of America has helped to lay the foundation, and we will work hard to ensure it continues.  

Watch SinoVision's full report on AIED Council here.

This post was written by Ryan Allen. If you have any questions or comments, please email him at

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